Today organisations face a long list of challenges, including:

the difficult economic climate; changing regulation; new competitors; and of course, the constant need to improve services for their customers. Successful organisations have always dealt with change; however, the pace and complexity of change today is unprecedented. That means organisations need to implement effective and appropriate change management tools and techniques; solutions tailored to address their specific needs.

There are any number of Change Management Models out there, all of which have some positive, and some less positive aspects. Even from a cursory glance at the academic literature (especially from the best-known guru, Kotter) you will see that two of the major causes for all change programme failures are complexity and communication. If the reasons for change are not clear, compelling and communicated so that everyone in the organisation can understand, the programme is almost certain to fail.

For those reasons, WCL’s approach to Change Management is simple, effective, and it has been proven to work in organisations from across the Private, Public and Voluntary Sectors.

To deliver change, you have to be able to tell the change story. To do that, you need to answer the following five (simple) questions:

1. What are we doing?
2. Why are we doing it now?
3. What will we do to get there?
4. What will we achieve?
5. How will we know we’ve achieved it?

To answer them your Senior Management Team need to understand and agree:
• The reason for change (the “burning platform”);
• The Vision of where they want to take the organisation;
• The Outcomes and Benefits from the change; and
• The plan for getting there.

Having worked with many Boards and Senior Management Teams of hundreds of organisations over the last 10 years, our experienced team can help you through any or all of those steps. That includes designing innovative solutions specific to your challenges, right the way through to managing the implementation to ensure you get the outcomes you want.

All organisations are constantly going through change; the key question you need to ask yourself is “How well are we managing our change”? If the answer is: “Not well enough”, then WCL can help so please contact us.