E2BN Think IT ....the complete solution

What is E2BN Think IT?

E2BN Think IT is a new way for schools, colleges and universities to buy the latest educational software, learning content, hardware, mobile devices and network products and services as one complete solution.  This fully managed service gives access to new anytime, anywhere, any-device solutions that teachers are using to transform the teaching and learning experience for staff and students, without the need for up-front capital costs. 

Why is it different?

The technology is great – it’s always up to date and available wherever you have an internet connection, but we know the change it brings to schools is the most compelling aspect of the service.  It’s different because it’s a one stop shop; bringing technology and services together with a Change Management programme designed specifically for your unique circumstances.  We’ll make sure the technology supports your goals and objectives – whether it is to support how you teach by extending learning beyond the classroom; help engage staff, students and parents better;  increase attainment and improve behaviour; strengthen your e-safety, security and safeguarding; improve reporting and use data to drive improvement; or achieve efficiencies.  All services come with initial training and include ongoing support.

What about the cost?

You can be confident you’re getting Value for Money because you buy the service via an EU tendered procurement framework.  There is one simple contract for all the services, making it easy for you to manage, and flexible payment terms can be arranged so you can manage your budgets.  Also, for some of the services, by refurbishing your existing devices we can help make the most of past investments and save money by extending the working life of old hardware.

Find out more

Contact us on 0203 282 1443 or at info@e2bn.org.

What services can I choose from?

Core Services:

  • Readiness Assessments

  • Change Management

  • Single Sign-0n

  • Virtual Desktop

  • Classroom Management

  • Safeguarding

Additional Services:

  • WAN/LAN infrastructure as a service

  • On-line learning content

  • Governance solutions

  • Integrated Management Information Systems (MIS) with Virtual Learning Environments (VLE)

  • Mobile Device Management

  • Print Management solutions

  • Hardware and mobile devices

  • Cashless Catering and on-line payments

  • IT related building services

  • Specialist Educational consultancy

  • School Financial reviews

  • Secure micro-blogging and social media

  • Alumni services
  • Financing services

  • Project Management services


How do we get started?

The easiest thing to do is email us at info@w-c-l.com or call the helpline 0203 282 1443 and speak to one of our advisors.

For schools and colleges who are thinking of making significant investments or changes, we recommend you take the Readiness Assessment (RA) option.  It is designed specifically to help you decide the outcomes you want for your students, staff, parents and governors.  The readiness assessment looks at:

  1. Total Cost of Ownership – how much a school spends currently and is planning to spend on IT (all aspects including printing, power, training etc.).

  2. IT audit – what connectivity, kit and infrastructure is already in place and what (if anything) will be needed to take the service.

  3. Vision/Strategy – workshops are held with a school’s leadership team to ascertain desired outcomes and to identify any blockers and challenges.

The above three elements form a in depth and comprehensive report for the school or college’s Governing body, enabling them to make a fully informed investment decision.