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Transformation Accelerator

Interactive workshop approach

Welcome to Transformation Accelerator, the ultimate solution for organisations looking to accelerate their transformation journey

We understand that transformation programmes are often complex and require careful planning and execution. That's why we have designed a powerful workshop to provide you with the necessary tools and expertise to succeed.

Our expert transformation consultants will guide your team through a dynamic and interactive experience, aimed at aligning your teams on the vision and aims of your transformation. We'll help you gain clarity on the plan and responsibilities, and upskill your teams in transformation and change management principles.


Our Transformation Accelerator workshop will help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Align your team: Our workshop is designed to bring together key stakeholders from across your organization to align on the transformation goals and objectives.

  • Gain clarity on the plan: We'll help you understand the various steps involved in your transformation journey and provide guidance on how to execute the plan.

  • Up-skill your team: Our expert consultants will teach you the latest transformation and change management principles, empowering your team to take on the challenges of your transformation journey with confidence.

  • Accelerate your transformation journey: Our workshop is designed to give you the tools and expertise you need to accelerate your transformation journey and achieve your goals faster.


Our Transformation Accelerator team are committed to helping you achieve your transformation goals. Our workshop is tailored to meet your specific needs: whether you are in the early stages and focusing on vision, aims and outcomes, or whether you are underway and want to give your team a fresh energy and clarity on plans and responsibilities, we work with you to achieve the best possible results and ensure your team feels empowered and up-skilled.

Here is an example agenda for a full 3-day Transformation Accelerator. All sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the team where they are now.

Day One:

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Overview of the transformation journey and goals

  • Alignment on the vision and aims of the transformation

  • Assessment of the current state of the organisation

  • Identification of key stakeholders and their roles

  • Breakout sessions to identify potential obstacles and opportunities


Day Two:

  • Recap of day one

  • Review of the transformation plan and roadmap

  • Identification of critical success factors

  • Introduction to transformation and change management principles

  • Breakout sessions to develop action plans for addressing obstacles and opportunities


Day Three:

  • Recap of day two

  • Presentation of action plans

  • Coaching and feedback on action plans

  • Development of implementation strategies

  • Review of the team's readiness for the transformation journey

  • Closing remarks and next steps


The above agenda is just a sample and is customised based on the specific needs and goals of your organisation. Our expert consultants will work with you to design a tailored workshop that meets your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best possible results.


Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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