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Consulting Skills Training

Consulting skills training enables more effective business relationships with colleagues and clients through applying a consulting framework and providing a set of tools and techniques to diagnose issues and propose solutions. It enables individuals to work through a set of diagnostic steps to understand business problems and provides the skills and practise to work effectively with others, including with senior leaders and stakeholders.

Our training is tailored to meet your team’s context and needs. The first step in any engagement is to shape the content of our training and ensure it will deliver both the team objectives and individual aims. Following meeting with your team we develop a proposed outline for the training - an example training outline is included below.


To enable you to be more effective in your business relationships with clients and to apply a consulting  framework to working with clients.

Course Content

  • Getting started. Engaging with and establishing a working relationship with the client. Defining the scope, roles and timescales for the assignment. 

  • Finding out. Gathering and assessing relevant information about the client, their current problem and the context.    Understanding what’s really important.

  • Proposing solutions. Setting out a proposal for change and a detailed action plan and next steps.

  • Gaining commitment. Clarifying what has been agreed and what will happen next. Gaining the client’s commitment to the agreed changes

  • Moving on. Completing what has been agreed while maintaining the client relationship for future opportunities.


  • Understand the consulting process and the WCL framework that describes it. 

  • Build firm and lasting business relationships with clients that result in the client coming back for more.

  • Understand people, organisations and business situations.

  • Persuade and influence clients through offering compelling and credible solutions/options.

  • Gain client commitment to your proposals.

  • Get on with and be able to work more effectively with your team and colleagues.

Our training can be delivered on-site or online and takes place over one or two days. The training is delivered by consultants who have years of experience working with clients in challenging business contexts – this means our training draws on real life experience, and our trainers share real stories and challenges. This makes the training practical and relevant.

To find out more about how WCL's Consulting Skills Training can help you and your organisation please contact us.

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