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Facilitation Skills Training

Our facilitation skills training provides the tools and techniques to assist with planning and running effective workshops and meetings. WCL provide facilitators for a range of events and have designed and delivered many hundreds of workshops in the public and private sectors. Our training has been developed to share a range of tools and techniques that have been proven to work in different contexts, and to share the tips and tricks we have learned for planning and managing workshop sessions.

We shape the content of our training to ensure it will deliver the team objectives and individual aims. An example training outline is included below.


The ability to design and facilitate successful working sessions, drawing on appropriate tools and techniques to meet the specific needs of each meeting/ workshop.

Course Content

  • Introduction to and purpose of facilitation

  • Group dynamics and audience profiles

  • Workshop techniques e.g. radar chart assessments, pyramid technique, world café, Pinpoint, prioritisation,​ process/project planning techniques

  • Physical environment

  • Facilitation style and energy

  • Changing behaviours

  • Engaging with stakeholders

  • Learning styles – basic self-awareness and NLP

  • Difference between facilitation as a process vs content expert and the resulting techniques.


  • Lead and facilitate impactful meetings, workshops and group conversations

  • Manage meetings and workshops effectively.

  • Understand facilitation approaches and be able to use a range of techniques and tools.

  • Know how to get the best from all attendees at facilitated sessions.

  • Plan sessions in order to achieve the stated objectives.

  • Have practised facilitation skills in a risk-free environment.

To find out more about how WCL's Facilitation Training can help you and your organisation please contact us.

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