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Project and Programme Management Skills Training.


We have created and delivered project and programme management training to hundreds of individuals and teams. Our approach is light on bureaucracy and heavy on practical application and has been adopted by entire Government Departments to improve delivery 

Understanding the context and current skills

To prepare for effective delivery we first like to understand the work that your
team does, the challenges they face, and gain an insight into their existing project
management skills. We are keen to ensure that the training we deliver starts at the point
where your team currently are and works with training exercises that are relevant to the
context of your teams’ work. During this phase we also agree with you a case study to be used throughout the training that is relevant to the organisation’s work. 

We do this through a combination of meetings with your senior team, attending team meetings, and one-to-one meetings where needed.

Module development

We bring together the insights from these familiarisation sessions to design and
develop modular sessions covering your key requirements, taking account of any existing
materials you have, and any specific material on ways of working you wish to cover. We then create a one or two-day training session with context-relevant training exercises. Our approach is 
reviewed and approved by you this training with you prior to finalising ready for delivery to your team.

Developing Organisation project templates

To help embed project management ways of working and achieve the maximum benefit for
the organisation we would design and agree with you a set of project document templates
for your organisation (project initiation document, project plans, report template(s), outcomes
reporting, risk registers). These templates would be used in the project management skills
training and then should be used for subsequent projects to improve project management
consistency and to embed the learning.

Module Delivery

Training is delivered over two one-day sessions, ideally separated by two to three
weeks to allow time for participants to put their learning into practice on live projects. To
maximise value for staff and for the organisation we work on a real strategic project
and use the training sessions to scope and plan the project, assign resources, estimate
budgets, identify measurable outcomes and business value, and identify and manage risks.


In any case, it is essential to ensure participants have a project they can work on following
their training session(s) to ensure the learning is put quickly to use. We suggest the training
happens in three groups of eight or nine to give adequate time for each staff member to
participate and to be given individual attention.

The sessions themselves will be run workshop-style. They will be highly interactive and
focus on collaborative learning and sharing of knowledge. Although the theoretical principles
will need to be put across to those who are not familiar with them, they will not be standard
‘chalk and talk’ sessions.


Our trainers are trained facilitators, able to enthuse and engage an audience with a high energy, enthusiastic and passionate delivery style. All sessions will involve a mixture of theory and practical application using a mix of solo and group work and will conclude with individual or team action planning.

To find out more about how WCL's Project and Programme Managments Skills Training can help you and your organisation please contact us.

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