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Data-Driven Marketing Transformation

In a data-rich, data-responsible world, the most effective organisations are those that develop the
best connection with their customers through the best possible use of data. The huge changes caused by the Coronavirus pandemic make it essential to review data capabilities, processes and operating model to ensure that data capabilities are fully aligned to an audience-centric model and to the current priorities, whilst also minimising duplication and focusing on value for money.

Data-Driven Marketing project

Our Data-Driven Marketing review includes:

a) A review of the organisation’s vision and ambitions around data,

b) An assessment of the organisation’s approach to data collection, storage and use,

c) An analysis of how well aligned the organisation’s data insight, analytics, evaluation and
activation capabilities are to support the strategic priorities,


d) An evaluation of the different ‘pools’ of data, technology and data capability to explore better
utilisation of data resources, producing a revised recommendation for a data operating model,


e) Working with the marketing team to consider the approach to data-driven marketing and
assessing the leverage of data, and the efficiency and effectiveness of structures, processes,
and ways of working in the context of a refreshed data operating model,


f) Devising a programme of testing and learning that explores the benefits of becoming a data-
driven organisation and embedding a culture of continuous improvement.


We have a unique blend of skills to support in this data-driven marketing transformation, combining
a rigorous and collaborative approach to change with an unusually deep and practical set of skills
around data practice. For example, for a major global advertising business we executed a full revision of the data operating model, redefining the skills required and approaches used and converging 17 different data teams into one centre of excellence. This delivered double digital cost efficiency savings and a 20% increase in capacity to deliver new work.


Members of our team have also been involved in major data operating model projects in the private
sector (eg IKEA, Trainline, Diageo) and the public sector (eg Cabinet Office) and have a simple,
tried and tested change process designed to help find the most efficient and effective data-driven
marketing operating model

To find out more about how WCL's Data-Driven Marketing Transformation can help you and your organisation please contact us.

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